World’s First Christian Airline coming to the North Texas Regional Airport


DENISON, Texas  — The world’s first and only Christian airline – Judah 1-  is making it’s way to Denison. 

In 2013, Judah 1 started as a charter service transporting missionaries across the world out of the Dallas – Fort Worth airport in small airplanes. Now the charter service is becoming the world’s first and only Christian Airline. 

“The lord spoke to me about using my passion for aviation – specifically large aircraft,” said Everett Aaron, Founder of Judah 1. “To help missionaries do God’s work.” 

For the past 5 years, flying missionaries around in small airplanes has been enough for his ministry. Now a growing demand will bring his ministry to the North Texas Regional Airport and a much larger aircraft. 

“We’ll have an MD-83 which can seat 140 people,” said Aaron. “Not only will we be carrying the missionaries, but we’re also going to transport their cargo on the same flight.” 

With the larger aircraft, Aaron says it’ll be easier on the missionaries to get their full team and cargo where they need to go on the same flight.

Before Judah 1 can start operations from the North Texas Regional Airport, the airline will have to get some new licenses from the Federal Aviation Administration, build maintenance hangars and make a few more changes to the airport. 

“One of the main things is the security of the airport,” said Airport Director, Bob Torti. “That means possibly new fencing, security gates, and making it much harder to get onto the airport premises.” 

Aaron says there will also be a TSA screening before every flight. 

“We will be competitive on our ticket prices with other airlines,” said Aaron. “We’re looking at saving these missionaries millions of dollars a year.” 

When all the modifications are done, the North Texas Regional Airport will have something unique to them. 

“We have something that a lot of airports don’t have,” said Torti. “I think the future looks bright for North Texas Regional.” 

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