Tired of Dealing with Gas Prices and All the Complications

No one wants to be cut off without power or energy. However, if you remain adamant and ignorant about wind power that is exactly what is going to happen to you. Need I say more? The world is in a state of metamorphosis, and if you don’t jump on this wind power bus, you might be discarded with the old as the new comes rolling in. (See: Winds save the planet)

Everyone has finally tired of dealing with gas prices and all the complications that come with it. And Lord know we have had it up to here with the media going on about global warming and greenhouse gas emissions. The use of wind power in several new applications is catching on fast in what I would call a commercial scale. At one time, only large research facilities would even consider it, but today, there are more and more people getting into the fad. Way to go.

At one time, the belief was that only Western countries did anything at all that involved wind power. However that was a long time ago. Today, several developing countries also use wind power, and are looking into ways to improve and commercialize it, as well they should. One could point fingers at anyone, but in essence, the entire world will pay for it if anything were to happen to the globe courtesy of neglecting an energy source as pure as wind power. 

The wind moves, and it can move really fast. The energy carried in it is indeed enormous, something you can tell by yourself if you have ever been caught in a gale or something of that nature. The really good news is that it can be harnessed and used in various ways. Now that is what wind power is all about. You know how they say capturing the sun’s heat can produce power? Well, it’s similar to that the way wind power works. It’s all about capturing the energy in it as it moves. They have these huge turbines that are kind of like giant wind vanes. As the wind blows through them, the turbines turn and power a generator on the insides. Hence the electrical energy output.

Have you ever been out in a storm before? Some winds could literally lift you off of your feet. Imagine if that power were used to power the national grid. That would be something, eh? In particular if it will do a lot to lessen how much you are already paying each month for the electricity that you use in your home. All of a sudden, you appreciate it more, don’t you? The energy in a moving object is kinetic energy. Moving air – wind – packs a lot of that energy, depending on how fast it moves. So someone thinks you could use that energy and produce electricity with it. Funny thing, that someone was right. As a matter of fact, all in many areas of the world, some governments are already using it to supplement the power released by their national grids. So why not us? Fast moving wind could know down some buildings. I know it: I was in New Orleans when Katrina struck. How could not help but wonder how that was such a waste. All that energy could have been used to create rather than destroy. I strongly urge that someone begin to research how we can continue to protect ourselves from the worst that nature has to dish out, and yet use it to make life better in such ways like harnessing that kind of wind power.

‘Energy is neither created nor destroyed; it is only converted from one form to another.’ So, say we have enough energy in the wind; it would be nice to convert that into electrical energy, wouldn’t it? I don’t suggest that it is easy – the several professionals who have been in the research and use of for past decades and centuries can attest to that. However, this effort is one that is totally worth making. It might seem tough to harness the power of the wind, but you’ll be intrigued to learn what has been done with it over the years. These days, whole facilities are run strictly on wind power. What’s to say the same cannot be achieved on a grand scale for homes in the United States, and even all over the world?

Fast moving air is wind. Moving at some of the speeds it does, it carries some dangerous – but useful – energy. Picture using that energy all the time to do something constructive. That there is the story of wind power. It can be collected and concentrated the way a dam does for flowing water, and the power as it comes from it can power the turbines that generate the electricity. You don’t want to waste all the energy in the environment surrounding you; you want to use it for something good. That is especially important at a time when the world is in dire need of nonpolluting sources of energy. Wind power sure comes quickly to mind, especially when you know exactly what can be done with it – what has already been achieved with it through the ages. Quick motion carries kinetic energy in it, and you feel it when you stand in the wind and feel it against your face. It is the dream of many to convert this into other more relevant forms, and so they use turbines to make it happen. Understanding the procedure by which this is achieved might come in handy for you someday; you may want look into it.