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China to launch its first private Wi-Fi satellite in 2019

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Beijing, Nov 30 (UNI)

LinkSure, China’s free internet provider network has announced to launch country’s first Wi-Fi satellite in 2019, which would provide free Wi-Fi globally by 2026.

According to the company, a total of 3 billion yuan ($431 million) will be invested to send 272 satellites into space. The first one will be sent from Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center in northwestern China’s Gansu province by 2019.

Similar to Elon Musk’s Space X plan, the Shanghai-based internet firm said the satellites will be used to expand internet coverage and boost internet speed, reported Chinadaily.

China’s first private WiFi satellite met the public in Shanghai on Tuesday. LinkSure No.1, independently developed by LinkSure Network, a Shanghai-based mobile internet company, will be launched into space with China’s Long March rocket in 2019. The company also launched its satellite network program which aims to provide free satellite network around the globe by 2026.

“The very starting point of such a plan is to offer free internet connections to people around the world, especially those in undeveloped areas or rough terrain,” said Wang Xiaoshu, rotating president of LinkSure Network.

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