Tweet Buster: Valuation lessons, tips for volatile market & Kedia’s wisdom

NEW DELHI: It was an action-packed week for the domestic stock market with RBI money policy, Opec meeting and fresh worries around possible escalation in trade tensions.

The coming week promises to be equally exciting with the state elections outcome lined up for December 11.

So, the big question is: how would one navigate the pre-election result volatility? Independent market expert Sandip Sabharwal has a solution that might help. His mantra is simple – Don’t trade!

However, Shyam Sekhar of iThought and market veteran Basant Maheshwari do not seem to agree with Sabharwal, as these tweets would suggest.

Sabharwal took to twitter to post his view on this week’s monetary policy. He didn’t approve of the RBI decision and called the MPC statement “ridiculous”.





Meanwhile, wealth creation remains challenging in a tough market environment. Safir Anand and Sabharwal shared some interesting insights on valuation and how to figure out if you have made the right investments.

Anand says don’t measure a stock by where it has reached or where it is currently at. Sabharwal thinks value should be measured in relation to growth prospects.

And PEs often do not tell the story. At least that’s what Motilal Oswal’s wealth report, authored by the huge experienced hands of Raamdeo Agrawal, says:

Anand is another tweet made this observation that one size doesn’t fit all. He says making mistakes and learning from them is key to good investment.

He also says how prudent it is to look at stocks individually than the market as a whole, as there are stocks that perform even in a bear market and then there are those which can make you lose money even in a bull market.

Sekhar of iThought had a tip to share on value investing. According to him, it is important to reinvent to keep doing well in the market.

And to top of this week’s buzz in Twitter, this is what Vijay Kedia had to say about what lies ahead!