Renpower Tunisia

Tunisian energy forum on renewable energy and investment

Renewable Energy

TUNIS – The Renpower Tunisia Renewable Energy and Power Infrastructure Investors Conference will be held December 13-14. The event will focus on trade and investment potential in renewable energy in the North African country. Renewable energy, energy infrastructure and energy efficiency development programs in Tunisia continue to attract a great deal of interest from international and local entities working in the field, especially amid recent tenders called by the government. Many companies and other economic entities involved in the sector will be present at Renpower Tunisia. Sector financing and the role of international financial institutions and private sector investors will be at the center of the discussions. One of the main sponsors of the event – with sector giants such as Enel Green Power and Siemens Gamesa taking part – is the Foligno innovative startup Solerzia with important partners in the smart city and green energy sectors. ”We will be taking part in Renpower because Tunisia has an ambitious program concerning renewable energy, due to the sensibility of its national energy plan and because we can give our contribution,” ANSA was told by Marco Stancati, Solerzia business development director, who noted that the Tunis event – in its third edition – has become a major event.

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