Tublay IPs reject hydropower company application

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BAGUIO CITY — Indigenous people of Tublay , Benguet rejected a proposed hydro power project within their ancestral domain.

On December 7, Tublay folk approved a Resolution of Non-Consent to the application of AT Dinum Company for a hydro power project at the Municipal Closed Gym, Caponga village.

AT Dinum Company was among the companies awarded with Renewable Energy Service Contracts (RESCs) by the Department of Energy (DOE) through its Renewable Energy Management Bureau in the earlier part of 2016 in its bid to fulfil its international commitments and the promotion of indigenous sustainable energy.

The resolution stated that the IPs of Tublay in the course of the FPIC process arrived at a consensus in rejecting the project of AT Dinum Company for some reasons. The Tublay IPs are questioning the company’s financial capability and financial track record. They also noted that AT Dinum Company did not present substantial document like income statements to establish their partnership and participation in management of their supposed mini-hydro projects they claim like in Didipio, Nueva Viscaya.

The elders disclosed that the company manifested in several barangay assemblies that they already had a water permit or a pending application of such without first securing the nod of the host communities. The IPs also manifested that during the barangay consultations, some members of the board of the company admitted that all of the interest of the AT Dinum Company will be transferred to the AT Dinum Company, Incorporated which they say is contrary to the rule that a resolution of consent when issued is non-transferable.

“The AT Dinum Company, which is the applicant, is a ‘Partnership’, while the proposed company that will be organized later on is a corporation, with a period of legal existence. This creates uncertainty of the juridical personality of the applicant,” stated in the resolution.

The IPs also stressed that the offer of the company to give royalty only after 12 years of operation of the project is unacceptable. #nordis.net

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