Israeli combat plane

Syrian security source denies claims on downed Israeli combat plane

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Damascus, Nov 30 (Sputnik) A high-ranked Syrian security source in a comment to Sputnik on Friday denied statements about an Israeli combat plane shot down by the Syrian air defense, confirming that Damascus’ forces had indeed downed several aerial targets that had attacked the Syrian territory.

The same source told Sputnik late on Thursday that the Syrian forces had downed an Israeli combat aircraft and four missiles over Al Kiswah city located to the south of Damascus.
The statement followed Syrian media reports saying that the country’s air defense forces downed several targets in the south of Syria. (SEE : Syria)

“In the nighttime, radars can fail to properly identify hard bodies.
That was what provoked a confusion which made us think that the target downed near the Kanaker settlement to the south of Damascus was an Israeli combat plane,” the source said.

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