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NEW DELHI: The Yogendra Yadav-led Swaraj India party on Sunday announced the launch of a nationwide ‘iCAN 19-Indian Citizens’ Action for Nation 2019’ campaign, which will bring together individuals, organisations and movements under one platform to fight the 2019 Lok Sabha elections based on issues that concerns farmers and the youth.

Yadav, who is the party’s president, however, said that Swaraj India will not field candidates for the general elections. “iCAN 19 is a unique political experiment, which will enable participation of concerned and responsible citizens in the 2019 general elections and support candidates who represent honest alternative politics,” he said.

The candidates will be selected by an independent panel, which will include “well-known, neutral and unbiased people active in social and political spheres”, with inputs and participation of iCAN 19 volunteers. Yadav said that panel members would be selected by those who join the movement.

The party chief said that for the first time, issues concerning farmers have come to the national forefront and there is simmering anger among the country’s youth due to lack of jobs.

Yadav claimed that Swaraj India had the option of fighting from some parliamentary seats but decided against it.

“There is disillusionment with the government but no hope is being offered by the opposition either. People are not happy with the government but they are not happy with the alternative either,” he said.

Yadav did not say how his Swaraj India volunteers will locate candidates who represent honest alternative politics since most of those candidates carry some taint or the other……

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