Small Planet Airlines

One More Airline Caught in Debts


Lithuania’s chartered airline Small Planet Airlines, a Lithuanian leisure airline based at Vilnius Airport, is experiencing financial difficulties. It is now reducing its fleet, reducing staff and restructuring companies in Poland, Germany and Lithuania. The company also operates in Cambodia.

On Nov. 20, Lithuania’s Civil Aviation Administration (CAA) detained a plane of the Small Planet Airlines, the largest subsidiary of the Small Planet Group, as per the news.

It has been a familiar story in India. Air India, Jet Airways have similar plight. And little signs of recovery in near future. ( See: Jet Airways)

CAA administration director Joris Gintvilas told the website the plane was detained at Vilnius Airport. Since the plane has not been used lately, therefore, passengers won’t feel its detention.The airport later turned to the aviation watchdog for the detention of more of the airlines’ planes but its request has not been satisfied.

Marius Zelenius, head of communication at Lietuvos Oro Uostai (Lithuanian Airports), a state-run company, said the debts on Small Planet Airlines, with more bases throughout Europe and owning smaller sister companies,  now stand at 726,000 euros. Small Planet Airlines, and the airport are presently in negotiations over debts. Despite Small Planet Airlines’ hopes, no agreement has been reached till November 22.

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