Should an engineering student work in Indigo Airlines as ground staff as a customer relation executive? Is there a career in it?


There are a few relevant sayings which must be quoted first here and must always be kept in mind. Nobody can deny them, and everybody accepts it. The quotes are :

  • Beggars are no choosers,
  • No job is a mean job,
  • A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush,
  • One’s identity is one’s personality, not one’s degrees or the post one holds,
  • Opportunity knocks at your door only once.
  • Lady Luck may not smile on you every time

Nowadays, as we all know it is very difficult to get a job. When a person gets a job, the first thing he does is he thanks his stars. He eventually got a break. Now, he can fulfill all his dreams.

Particular case of aviation. An AME student.

Does he think that he only has got the right to be appointed as an AME ?

It is entirely up to the company, the employer, to assign a job to a person. The aspiring candidate has little or no choice. Why should then an engineering student display unhappiness?

If you still want the AME job, you should just wait for the right moment. First, you do this job seriously and justify the salary you will draw. You let your work do all the talking for you. You be recognized in the world by virtue of your work only and not by being someone’s somebody. The day you achieve this stage, you can do whatever you want.

Why AME, why don’t you think of something higher than AME? Say ‘a manager at IndiGo’!

Every airline has a number of departments. Ground support, AME and customer relation are just three of them. If you enter into one department and do your work properly, you will surely rise to managerial levels.

If you still insist to become an AME, you must also consider similar areas with other trades. Examples-

  • The airplane belongs to the AME, but the GPU, the ramp, the aero bridge, water and waste belong to the GS. All these things have third-party association. That is, the GPU maintenance, the fabrication of a ramp, an aero bridge are carried outside and enjoy a big Industry status. A GS professional sees a lot of potential opportunity here.
  • The airplane belongs to the AME, but the AME has nothing to do with the people who travel in the airplane. It is the customer relation person who becomes the face of the airline, and he has to responsibly preserve the image of the airline. It is he who rescues the AME in the event of ‘technical delay’. In case the customer relation person has an AME background academically, he can handle the situation in a better way. The things you learnt at your AME school won’t go waste. Here your PR skills will pull you up. You interact with every class of people. Who knows, some day somewhere you may meet your Godfather?

Every field of study is related with each other. Engineering and Medical studies are related. Science and arts too are related. The studies of AMEs, pilots, HR, GS, Logistics, finance, legal, etc. are no exceptions. It only takes a modicum of common sense to see the overlaps between every section. (Read More)

If you still insist to become an AME, you can do so, but it has got its share of tough conditions.

The AME journey will begin only when IndiGo will call for Trainee Techs. Since you are already in IndiGo, you will get the info much earlier, and perhaps you may be given preference.

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