Let Pakistan be isolated in the cricketing community, says Vinod Rai


Ref: The June 16 World Cup India-Pakistan tie.

The Supreme Court-appointed chairman of the CoA and a veteran bureaucrat, Vinod Rai states:

“Why should we shoot ourselves in the foot by not playing? We should seek their (Pakistan) ouster and remove them from the cricketing committee.”

Such an unusual extreme stand, by India standards on tolerance,  is being viewed as an unprecedented step in Indian cricket.

The BCCI does not want to forfeit the World Cup tie against Pakistan. It is working to join the Indian government’s efforts to isolate Pakistan in the wake of the ghastly February 14 Pulwama terrorist  attack.

The BCCI CEO Rahul Johri has already written to the International Cricket Council (ICC) urging cricketing nations to “sever ties with countries from which terrorism emanates”.

“I look at it (the letter sent to the ICC) from the point of view that we are able to isolate Pakistan. Make it a cricket apartheid for Pakistan on the terror issue. The idea is to work hand in hand with the Indian government to isolate Pakistan in the cricketing community,” he said.

Rai said, “The present dispensation feels strongly about it because we reflect the sentiment of the nation. We are not a closed cricket community, we represent the nation.”

Sources said that by showing the willingness to respect the World Cup fixtures and preferring a parallel strategy of campaigning against Pakistan globally, the BCCI is avoiding the situation the national shooting body and the Indian Olympic Association find themselves in as India hosts a World Cup in the capital.

India has denied visas to Pakistan’s shooters. It then invited sanctions from the International Olympic Committee, and it will be able to host future international Olympic events.

The BCCI wants to avoid such a situation for itself. It would like to have a consensus of the cricket world and then act. It isn’t possible to just one fine day ask to remove Pakistan from the World Cup.

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