Residents join hands to push sustainable and renewable energy use

Renewable Energy

WRIGHTSVILLE BEACH,NC (WWAY) — Oil spills in the Gulf of Mexico, near Santa Barbara, California and Alaska has some local residents on edge as oil drilling interests look to starting programs on the East Coast.

People are the world joined hands in solidarity for protecting oceans at noon on Saturday. Each year, communities come together to spread awareness of the troubles of offshore drilling.

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Oceana Senior Campaign Organizer Randy Sturgill says if drilling occurs it could have long lasting impacts at our beautiful beaches.

“The coast is just not set up [with] infrastructure for oil, but, if they drill, they will spill,” Sturgill said.

For just 15 minutes, 11 events were held across North Carolina Saturday related to protecting land and water from fossil fuel processes. As a solution, “Hands Across the Sand” encourages people to use renewable energy sources to reduce pollution and dependence on fossil fuels.

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