IES GATE, PSU, AME Avionics : Regular Counselling for Engineering Aspirants at Patna


Regular Counselling for Engineering Aspirants

IES GATE, PSU, AME Avionics can now be broken
Its time to release all your hidden potential energy

Welcome Aspirants!

As you seek answers for

  • What to do after 12th?
  • How to succeed in engineering competitions?
  • What if I fail?
  • What are other alternatives?
  • How to maintain myself with my skills?
  • How to manage limited resources and move on?

We attempt to clarify your doubts here.


Electrical, Electronics & Telecom streams

Avionics, Mechanical streams

IES GATE, PSU, AME Avionics made easy. A self – retrospection for you to develop the basic traits and skills.

You must face such exams fearlessly.

Then, later when you face the Industry, you do so with a fair degree of confidence!

The fundamental concepts must be clearly understood for each topic.

You must understand this fundamental fact of human civilisation –

“Most of the great scientists and inventors were school drop-outs. They never chased BE, MTech, IES, GATE, PSU or PhD. Rather, the entire humanity is indebted to them and is religiously following their discoveries today. The entire so-called education system has to follow this, and then it will design a number of such courses.”

Why is this so?The charm of IES GATE, PSU, AME Avionics

The day you are able to answer this, you will be a liberated individual, an enlightened person.

IES, GATE, PSU or anything like that will then appear peanuts. There are two thought-provoking issues here:

  • Thought 1. Why you should always seek jobs. Why do not those PSUs search for you with job offers? 
  • Thought 2. For 1,000 seats on offer, there are more than  1,00,000 aspirants. You and the coaching company know this very well. Still, the coaching company lures you. Why? 

A person, in general, and an engineer, in particular, derives gratification from the work he does, and surely not by the degrees or the post he carries. He allows his works to do all the talking. And if his work is innovative and unique then automatically he commands respect from all quarters. Pouring of job offers from Australia to America, from Japan to Argentina becomes inevitable due to this recognition.

How do you want yourself to be known? By your works or by your post?

What do you want? Should you chase jobs or the world should follow you? As a self-respecting person would you like to seek obligations?

It is your choice.

An interactive & rigorous assignment based preparations are sufficient enough to crack such issues. 

Classes At Patna: Jalsa Banquet Hall, Rukanpura, Bailey Road

Topic Coverage:

Electrical, Electronics, Instrumentation and Control Systems
Avionics, & Radio communications

+ Industrial, Technical, and Aptitude, Interview Guidance

+ Available opportunities better than IES, GATE, PSU in the event of not succeeding.

Materials available: Question Banks, Topic Test, Test Series

IES, GATE, PSU or anything like that is not everything as they are made out to be. There are a number of other alternative paths to pursue.

You need counseling to analyse your strengths, weaknesses, tastes, family background, available opportunities that will determine your aims and objectives.

Welcome to NC Classes ….

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