Regenerative Energy Gets a Boost

Renewable Energy

Team Quantum
Arif, Parul, Gaurav and Kuldeep

And finally team QUANTUM has WON the competition of “Innovation in Manufacturing Practices” at  IIT Kanpur and got a grand prize of Rs 50,000 !!!

A team of young enthusiasts, final year engineering students from a Jabalpur Engineering College have done it.

Even after being selected for jobs during campus interviews, the team chose not to pursue jobs. They chose to tread their own line, namely, Innovations in Engineering. The most natural choice of field being Regenerative Energy.

With little resource at their disposal Arif used the cylinder of his bike’s engine to run a generator and light up his ambitions. No fuel, no pollution, no fatigue, just a little improvisation.

Team Quantum’s work forms the nucleus of various applications in  Regenerative Energy, and it provides the interface between the actual generation of electric power and the working medium : Air.

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