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Punjab Congress: Amarinder sees ‘upswing’, lauds party’s good show in three states

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CHIEF MINISTER Captain Amarinder Singh has called the Congress’s good show in three states as a mandate for the leadership of party president Rahul Gandhi.

Reacting to the assembly poll results declared Tuesday, the Chief Minister said the Congress’s performance “showed that the party was on an upswing across the country.”

“The results has clearly shown that the people of India are fed up of the destructive and anti-development policies of the Narendra Modi government and wanted a positive change,” he said.

Congratulating the party president, as well as UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi, for the Congress win in three states of Rajasthan, Chhattisgarh and Madhya Pradesh, Captain Amarinder Singh said the party had clearly revived under the leadership of Rahul.

“The results were a sign of the mood of the nation, which saw in Rahul the youthful change it needed to bring India back on the track of development, which had been the hallmark of the previous UPA regime under former Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh,” he said.

The state Congress chief, Sunil Jakhar, said while the win was good for the Congress but at the same time it augurs well for the country as well. “The country has suffered due to the wrong policies of the BJP at the centre. Policies which are made without any knowledge of the subject. The country needed to be saved and the people of these states need to be congratulated. It is a vote against BJP,” he said. Jakhar added that though the BJP leaders are once against trying to distance Modi away from the defeats but the underlying common denominator in all five states is that the vote was against the policies of BJP in the Centre as well. “BJP should show rare humility and accept that Rahul Gandhi’s leadership has made a difference,” he said.

The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) has also welcomed the results of the elections to the five states and termed it a resounding defeat for the BJP and its policies. Sunam MLA, Aman Aora, said that the voters have shown the BJP that the this is the beginning of the end for the party as far as 2019 general elections are concerned. “The common man in the country has been left bereft of any succour due to the faulty policies of the BJP government. People have realised that in 2014, a person who was only capable of driving a scooter was given a chance to fly an aircraft,” he said.

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