Shaheen Air

Shaheen Air employees demand salaries


Shaheen Air

The workers of Shaheen Air, on Saturday organized dissent against the non-installment of compensations for five months.

While ratings are done for best airlines, worst airlines are left out.

They were conveying flags and bulletins requesting the early arrival of their pay rates.

The dissidents, including ladies workers, had accumulated outside the Peshawar Press Club working for the challenge.

The speakers said the carrier did not pay rates to its 4,000 workers for as long as couple of months.

They said their families were confronting hardships due to non-installment of compensations.

“We are confronting budgetary issues as we have not gotten pay rates for five months. The administration is concocting weak reasons to pay the pay rates,” a nonconformist said.

The workers said they needed to orchestrate vocation for their families, pay educational cost charges of youngsters hence they couldn’t hold up any longer.

They requested the Supreme Court to observe the circumstance and help them get their pay rates.

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