Celebrating poverty has become Congress art, can’t go a long way: Say MP Voters

India News

By Nirendra Dev

Chhindwara/Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh, Nov 17 (UNI)

Making a ‘celebration’ of poverty used to a communists legacy, say a section of citizenry even as they lament that trying to copy this cult of politics will not serve long term and lasting interest for the Congress.

Dulal Maity, a Bengali resident in Jabalpur, describes himself as a ‘boy’ from erstwhile Marxists’ family in Chandannagar in West Bengal. The 45-year-old entrepreneur says he was sent out from Kolkata on a ‘punishment’ posting seven years back, but now he is settled in Jabalpur and is happy about it.

“Dukhho Vilashita (Celebrating poverty and tough life)’ used to be a phenomenon in West Bengal during long communists’ rule.

Apparently, the Congress has copied that feature of anti-establishment politics and this is just meaningless,” he says.


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