PA rejects Israel threats against renewable energy projects in West Bank

Renewable Energy

The Palestinian Energy and Natural Resources Authority has rejected Israeli threats against renewable energy projects implemented in the occupied West Bank, Quds Press reported yesterday.

In a statement, the authority said that the last Israeli threat was made against private renewable energy projects connected to the local Palestinian grid.

The authority said it only give licenses to such projects in “Areas A and B” of the occupied West Bank where the PA has full administrative sovereignty according to Oslo Peace Accords.

In the statement, the authority said that the Israeli occupation has been continuously seeking to undermine projects which help the Palestinian economy become independent.

According to Oslo Accords, the PA has the full administrative and security sovereignty in “Area A”, only administrative sovereignty in “Area B” and no authority in “Area C” which is under full Israeli military control.

However, according to Paris Economic Protocol, which was signed between Israel and the Palestinians, the Palestinian economy must remain dependent on the Israeli economy and Israel has to supply Palestinians with sufficient energy and water to provide for its need.

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