ODI Series

India vs West Indies ODI Series: Billions Lost

The debacle in the ODI series after a disastrous Test series is only a teaser of how terrible things would get for West Indies during the remainder of their India tour.ODI SeriesTheir only win in Pune and a tied encounter in Visakhapatnam have been the highlights of the tour so far for a West Indies’ fan.

During the last ODI in Thiruvananthapuram, the West Indies were literally blown away while the sun did not set completely. It was supposed to be a day-night encounter, but it ended well before 17:30 hrs, the schedule time for innings break, and the two teams getting the night off. At least, on other venues, they got the organizers to switch the floodlights on. 

Put in to bat, the WI collapsed in 31.5 overs to make 104. The mighty Team India made light work of the task with more than 35 overs and 9 wickets to spare and win the 5-match ODI series 3-1. What’s worse for the West Indians is that the tour is still not over with three T20Is still to go.ODI Series 
Ironically, both the tests, too, did not go into the fourth day.

The West Indies have been so abysmal from the start of their India tour that none of their encounters have lasted even the routine length of a contest.ODI SeriesNot many were surprised with the nature of such an outcome; after all the West Indians had just about qualified for next year’s World Cup, and most of the star players were missing from their line up. However, the spectators, the broadcasters and the sponsors were the worst affected. They lost billions of $$ as millions of seconds of action did not take place at all. The West Indies have fallen so tamely that it is difficult to imagine that the series is technically alive still. 

The West Indies captain has been the lone ranger. Oshane Thomas, the 150 kmph kid, has shown a few glimpses of the fury that he can generate. He has only two wickets to show – both of Shikhar Dhawan –  in international cricket so far. (Read: Oshane)

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