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NTPC Weighing Options to go Solar

Renewable Energy

A Growing Recognition

There is an ever growing recognition nowadays that solar and wind generation have their own impacts.
NTPC Power
This has assumed more significance as tariff of solar and wind power have fallen below Rs 2.5 per unit last year. NTPC, India’s power giant, has no option but to fall in line of the fast progressing reach of renewable energy. It must supply cheaper power to its beneficiaries. It must become more environment friendly. It must cut down its carbon emissions. For NTPC going solar should be easy since it may not have to bear a major part of the capital costs like land and transmission infrastructure.
This makes NTPC hopeful of bringing further down the price of solar power.
NTPC Power
More than 65% of India’s electricity generation capacity comes from thermal power plants, with about 85% of the country’s thermal power generation being coal-based. There are 10 big coal-fired thermal power stations operating in India; seven of them owned and operated by state-run National Thermal Power Corporation (NTPC), the country’s largest thermal power producer. 
Today NTPC is looking at solar ways to innovate renewable energy penetration in the national grid. The 50 GW thermal power producer will set up solar plants at all its units.
NTPC Power
The capacity of each solar unit would be close to 200-500 MW and the total target will be 10 GW. These plants would be constructed near and around the existing thermal units, preferably near the switch-yard for efficient evacuation.
The NTPC Group  has a multi-pronged development strategy, including capacity addition through greenfield projects, expansion of existing stations, joint ventures and acquisition of stressed assets. 
During 2017-18, the company contributed 23 per cent of the total electricity generated in India with 16 per cent share of the country’s total installed capacity. The company has added 3,478 MW capacity in 2017-18.
As part of its long term corporate plan NTPC looks forward to become a 130 GW company by 2032. 
NTPC Group has total capacity of 53,651 MW from 21 coal-based, seven gas-based, 11 solar PV, one hydro, one small hydro, one wind and nine subsidiaries / joint venture power stations. It has 20,000 MW capacity coming up at multiple locations across the country.

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