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KUWAIT: No future plans to add other airlines at T4


KUWAIT: Directorate General of Civil Aviation’s Director Yousif Al-Fauzan stressed the new terminal four (T4) at Kuwait International Airport is allocated only for Kuwait Airways flights and that there is no intention or plans to house any other airlines in this terminal. Fauzan added that new stores will be opened in the new terminal for passengers by the beginning of the new year. He added that both the civil aviation directorate and KAC aspire to make the new terminal service around 6 million passengers annually, noting that the total number of flights in T4 jumped to 90 since it was inaugurated in August.

Automated service
Following the success achieved by the project in nine state departments, the Civil Service Commission’s (CSC) assistant undersecretary for information technology affairs Sabeeka Al-Weqayyan said the CSC is about to contact government bodies that have still not installed automated service devices. Weqayyan added the CSC will distribute the new devices at Kuwait Airport and large commercial complexes.

5 percent charge
Kuwait Farmers Federation Chairman Abdullah Al-Dammak announced that on behalf of Kuwaiti farmers, it submitted a number of demands to Chairman of Industrial Bank of Kuwait (IBK) Mosab Salem Al-Nisf requesting the cancellation of the 5 percent charge for farmers who delay paying off their dues. “He welcomed us and promised to cancel the extra charge, noting that he was fully aware of the damage incurred on farmers as a result of the recent heavy rain,” explaining affected farmers should file individual requests to defer the 5 percent delay charge for a year.
Speaking to reporters after meeting Nisf, Dammak expressed hope that IBK’s board of directors fully understand farmers’ problems and help them overcome them in order to support Kuwaiti farmers face the increasing prices of farming materials as well as rising wages. He added that demands made to IBK included extending farmers’ loan payment to 20 years, exempting them from delay fines, reducing administrative fees, dropping the payment of this year’s installments because of the rain, turning conventional agricultural loans to Islamic ones, fixing the total loan interest rate at 2 percent, reconsidering the current annual insurance which does not cover possible losses and considering rescheduling loans.

By A Saleh

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