Narendra Modi’s Legacy As Gujarat CM ‘Black Spot’ On India’s Communal History: Mayawati

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For the first time in the ongoing Lok Sabha elections, a political leader on Wednesday questioned the tenure of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s leadership as the chief minister of Gujarat.

Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) chief Mayawati said that Modi’s legacy was Gujarat CM was a “black spot” and “burden” on the BJP as well as the communal history of India.

The four-time former Uttar Pradesh chief minister added that Modi was “unfit” as chief minister and prime minister, adding his tenure has seen “anarchy and hatred”.

“My tenure as chief minister of UP for four times has been clean and works done on law and order, development, peoples welfare front are remembered even today. PM Modi has been CM of Gujarat for a long time but his legacy is such it is a black spot not only on himself but also on the BJP and a burden on the communal history of the country,” PTI quoted her as saying.

“It is clear how fit the BSP president is on issues of peoples welfare and national interest and how unfit the prime minister is,” she said.

“During our government, UP remained free of anarchy and riots but Narendra Modi’s tenure not only as the Gujarat CM but also as the prime minister has been full of anarchy, violence, tension and hatred and so it can be said that he has failed in holding public office and is unfit,” Mayawati said.

“As the Chief Minister of Gujarat, he had been unfit in adhering to the ‘raj dharma’ in accordance with the Indian
culture, Constitution and the law and has also been unfit as the prime minister,” she said.

Alleging that the BJP forced GST and note ban on the country in an immature manner, she said it had been done so as to prove themselves as ‘doodh ka dhula'(honest) and others as wrong.

“Their favourite and corrupt capitalists fled the country with the money of the common people deposited in banks.
This was made possible only with connivance of Modi government,” she charged.

The BSP president said BJP appears to be suffering from the “disease” of proving themselves as honest and others as wrong and “corrupt” but the country knows that most of those having benami properties and corrupt are connected with the BJP.

“But like he is an OBC on paper, the prime minister is honest only on paper. The BJP and PM are different in reality and their actual accounts are kept hidden under a carpet,” she charged, adding all efforts to defame her proved futile as the accounts of her party were clean.

On some Opposition parties terming the BSP president as ‘daulat ki beti’ instead of ‘dalit ki beti’, Mayawati said this has been done mostly by those who had casteist and narrow mindset.

Such people have also opposed reservation to Dalits and oppressed and the BJP is number one in this, she said.

Charging the ruling party with misusing official machinery in proving Opposition leaders as corrupt, Mayawati said at election time, Modi is “misleading” the people by saying he is poor, fakir and had no property.

“The entire country knows that BJP is the richest party run by capitalists but still the ‘guru-chela’ have been crying
about how poor they are in their rallies. This is nothing but an election trick,” Mayawati said.

Mayawati’s latest charge against PM Modi comes days after she said the latter’s concerned for women was fake, adding that the wives of men in the BJP were scared that their husbands would leave them if they remained too close to the prime minister.

(With PTI inputs)

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