#MeToo Effect: M J Akbar’s Days as MoS Finally Over

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MeToo Effect
The BJP finally decided it could not continue to be brazen in ignoring the allegations. Its Minister M J Akbar steps down amid sexual harassment allegations.

The M J Akbar story has now been a defining moment in Indian politics.

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It is also a defining turning point for the Indian print and electronic social media in India and its impact on Indian politics

#MeToo movement in India, the esteem -‘beti bachao’ – with which women in India are held by political leaders,  accusation of sexual misconduct leveled against M J Akbar by more than 14 senior responsible women journalists and the subsequent action by political bosses had enough ammunition to force the journalist turned  junior foreign minister to fall from grace.

MeToo Effect

Despite his customary initial denials, and subsequent complaint case at Patiala House court, M J Akbar became the first Union minister to resign because of increasing pressure on social media. It seems he has already lost the first round. Despite no FIR against him, despite the incidents alleged to have occurred 15-20 years ago, despite no possibility of a criminal case possible against him, M J Akbar, the former media veteran had to relinquish a high-profile external affairs ministry post which he got after several years of journey in Indian politics.

Regardless of the outcome of the case filed at Patiala House, an irrevocable damage has already been done. His coming days can never be the same again. He made the cardinal error of under-estimating the power of women and media- hitherto his forte. 

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