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Meet Manoj Prasad, the man who nailed top two CBI officers

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News HeadlinesAs the infighting within the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) took an ugly turn and became public with its top two officers involved in a bitter feud, a name that gathered significant traction was Manoj Prasad. Well known as a flamboyant man, Manoj was arrested by the CBI on October 16 for allegedly asking Rs 5 crore from Hyderabad-based businessman Satish Babu Sana.It was on Sana’s complaint that an FIR was lodged against CBI Special Director Rakesh Asthana. According to Sana, Manoj was operating on behalf of Asthana and had promised that CBI would go soft on him if he pays up a bribe of Rs 5 crore.On Tuesday, Manoj was sent to 14-day judicial custody.On the other hand, Asthana has alleged that Sana did give a bribe, but it was paid to CBI Director Alok Verma. While Verma has not made a public statement on this, the CBI, in an unprecedented step, booked Asthana (its number two officer) and a DSP-rank officer–Devender Singh. Singh was the investigating officer in the Moin Qureshi case (in which Sana was involved) and was accused of fabricating Sana’s statement to save Asthana and implicate Verma.However, social media is abuzz with an intriguing development. It is being said that Manoj is well-connected and he managed to delete all his social media accounts, even after he was arrested by the CBI. Questions are being asked if this was done to prevent some revelations.Scanning through the social media accounts of Manoj, found that his Twitter and Instagram accounts have been deleted. The website of his company, Que Capital Limited is also down. His Facebook account too became inactive later Tuesday night. However, was able to scroll through his timeline when it was active.A cursory glance at Manoj’s Facebook timeline suggested that he was a high-flying, well-connected businessman who was fond of luxury and opulence. On his Facebook wall, he had put up photographs of his trips and boasted about flying first class and hip-hopping between Dubai, Singapore, London and Delhi. The last post on his Facebook timeline was from October 16, in which he announced “En-route my matrabhumii (India)”.He was arrested soon after landing in India. The contact section of his Facebook had details of his company and social media links. He had mentioned that he is from Lucknow. It is interesting to note that despite being politically well-connected, his expressed his views, even if they were critical. “All politicians are criminals. Democracy is only fit for educated countries,” he wrote in this particular section.His social media accounts also show that he was close to leads of both the BJP and the Congress. Several posts on his Facebook wall show that he is close to BJP MP and former Uttarakhand Chief Minister Ramesh Pokhriyal Nishank. Manoj Prasad with former Uttarakhand CM Ramesh Nishank Pokhriyal (in red).There are also photographs of Manoj with former Union minister Kalraj Mishra. Manoj Prasad (extreme left) with former Union minister Kalraj Mishra (in orange).In a photograph, he can also be seen with BJP leader and UP minister Rita Bahuguna Joshi, who was earlier in the Congress. Manoj Prasad with UP minister Rita Bahuguna.On different occasions, he can also be seen with Congress leaders Kapil Sibal and Rajiv Shukla and filmmaker Madhur Bhandarkar Manoj Prasad with former Union minister and Congress leader Kapil Sibal.It also appears that actor Raza Murad is close to Manoj as he has tagged him in more than two dozen pictures.Till the time Manoj was arrested, he was enjoying his flamboyant lifestyle in Dubai, moving around in RollsRoyce, flaunting his Audemars Piguet watch.Manoj was also a regular to high society parties.Manoj’s Twitter handle @Manojprazad has now been deleted. However, the cached version his handle shows that he was quite active on Twitter.While though he has managed to delete his personal Twitter handle, but some Twitter users have managed to trace moments where Manoj can be seen posing happily with fugitive businessman Lalit Modi.Manoj’s Instagram account, @Manojprasad1, has also been deleted. It had more than 2,800 posts.Archived version of his account shows that his Instagram account was active till October 22. Some people on social media had expressed apprehensions that it might be deleted as the pictures could have embarrassed some high-profile people.It remains to be seen whether these social media accounts were deleted by Manoj himself (despite being under custody), or whether they were deleted by someone else on his behalf.
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