Making Workplace Fairness Work

Today’s world needs workers to help grow our economy, but millions of migrants are forced to work in unsafe and inhumane conditions on plantations, in factories, and on farms. With their struggle to survive one of the worst environmental disasters ever, migrants continue to demand answers from global companies that use slave labour overseas.

From the dawn of civilization, man has pushed and pulled against nature and the forces of nature to make our world better, and better we have become as a species. But what if man, like all species, had been created perfect?

There is an important story behind each of us and our heritage. A story that describes our origins. That story is the story of our countries. No country is the same.

The story of our countries, our commonality and the particular characteristics of each country are the only commonalities that unite us as a species. And yet, when it comes to the way we interact with our environment, man has done everything he possibly can to push nature farther away.

Lockdown and Pollution

How Does Pollution Affect Human Health? A Cleaner Air For All Mankind? Our clean air is threatened by pollution from coal-burning power plants, haze from industrial emissions, smog, and the exhaust from cars. Lately, there has been a concern about the impact of fossil fuels on global warming, which contributes to global climate change.

Choking the Atmosphere

Why is China’s Sand Becoming More Frightening Every Day? By John Tumlin and Patrick Simmons When a swarm of sandblasting airplanes from China’s eastern coast blew dust into North Carolina recently, it almost seemed as if the state had undergone some kind of alien invasion.

Ongoing Protective Inspection at PRL Station

Who Do You Trust to Protect London’s Capital? Workers at the London Underground Station have been threatened with suspension for a second time this year because of concerns about safety. And yet they will not be pushed out, despite the threat of losing key jobs and being relocated elsewhere in the future.

A Critical Look at the Workloads at Airport Workers’ Repairs Centers

The Government Is Ruining Its Good Work Doing Airport Repairs? When air traffic increases in and out of Dallas, Texas, it also adds to the demands for labor at the Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport.

Why Is Airline Cabin Crews Caught Cheating on Safety Tests?

The Outrageous Lack of Safety? One-third of airline cabin crew is making flying decisions that will affect millions of passengers every year and it seems nobody’s doing anything about it.

The Growing Problem of Health Issues Linked to the Aluminum Industry

Chemicals Found in Food Containers and Beverage Containers Could Contribute to Illnesses on the Horizon? It’s a hazardous industry that has an important role in the production of goods that we rely on every day and you may be surprised to learn that you may have consumed some of the chemicals on the company label.

Endemic Problems at Community Service Centers: Community Service Centers Need Support Now More Than Ever?

Community service and other non-profit organizations have lost millions of dollars this year, and they may need a lot more help than the money that the U.S. government has to offer them right now.

In North Indianapolis, the Hurons Migrant Farmworkers Union’s Contractor Bill of Rights Initiative campaign aims to amend the Illinois law to make sure migrant workers get fair compensation and to improve conditions for workers.