Lethbridge County office running on solar power

Renewable Energy

Lethbridge County is saving some green by becoming more green. The administration office is producing power after having solar panels installed on the building’s roof.

The project was completed late November by ENMAX Generation Portfolio, which subcontracted the installation to Solarwind Renewable Energy.

Officials said the project works into the county’s plan for renewable resources and is a great investment.

“The way that we like to look at these kind of energy products is a levelized cost of energy. So it’s like us buying our energy for 25 years at a fixed rate of say, four to five cents,” infrastructure and asset technician Cole Bodnerk said.

The County said based on the first month of the project, it predicts the amount of power generated by the panels is enough to offset as much as a quarter of the building’s energy consumption.

More than 200 panels sit on a portion of the office’s roof.

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