Invite us first, Kutami to tell Governor ESL Narasimhan

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Hyderabad: Keeping in view of the experience in Goa and Karnataka, the Telangana Pradesh Congress Committee (TPCC) has decided to meet Governor E.S.L. Narasimhan along with its Prajakutami partners on Monday and formally inform him that they are in a pre-poll alliance.

In the two states, the BJP was invited to form government though it had not won majority. The Congress was the single largest party in Goa, but the BJP formed government. In Karnataka, the Governor called the single largest party, the BJP, to form government but it lost to the post-poll alliance of the Congress and the JD(S).

The decision to call on the Governor was taken at a TPCC core committee meeting held in a hotel in the city on Sunday. The committee decision would help if the elections deliver a fractured verdict and the alliance is the largest entity in a hung Assembly.

Leaders of the Congress, TD, TJS and the CPI will call on Mr Narasimhan and give a representation stating that the Prajakutami is a pre-poll alliance.

A senior leader from Congress said, “We have to be more alert. We remember how the BJP played its role in controlling the Governor to form governments in many states. The Prajakutami will not let this happen in Telangana.”

The party also decided to take up the issue of missing votes with the Central Election Commission. The committee felt that the issue should be taken to the national level.

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