India vs WI: Oshane Thomas, the Latest 150 kmph Kid


Oshane Thomas, the tall, lanky fast bowler would provide the India V West Indies ODI series the much needed color of hype especially after a dull one-sided test series.

Oshane Thomas

This is Thomas’s first tour with the senior WI team, and he’s yet to make his international debut. For now, he’s still getting acclimatized to the surroundings of the biggest stage.

Thomas is now in Guwahati, where the West Indies play India in the first ODI of the five-match series.

Oshane Thomas

He’s no stranger to being the centre of attraction when he has a ball in hand or in showing off his pace in front of large crowds.

He is also famous for an epic bowling in a match vs Guyana, the Match 28 CPL – Oshane Thomas gave away 14 runs in just 1 ball!!

The emergence of Thomas—who took a wicket off his first ball in first-class cricket—has ignited considerable excitement around the West Indian islands. While he consistently hits speeds of over 150 kph, he sometimes touches 160 kph also when the conditions and his intentions are favorable. The Indian batsmen may watch out more closely.

But despite the hype around his speeds, Thomas displays modesty; says he wants to focus more on maintaining control and “hitting the stumps”.

“I practice my yorker a lot. Bowling the short-ball is the easiest to do for a fast bowler. But I don’t use my bumper to scare batsmen, I only use it to get batsmen out.”

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