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Several photos and videos surfaced on social media within few hours of the tragic crash of Lion Air flight JT-610 into the sea on Monday in Indonesia with 189 people on board.One such post shared on Facebook more than thousand times claimed by the users as a baby rescued, miraculously from the unfortunate Lion aircraft.This apart a video also shared by hundreds on Facebook claimed that this was the last moments captured inside the Lion aircraft JT-610.India Today Fact Check team found that all these claims are false and have no relation with the recent Lion aircraft crash. A post on Facebook with the picture of a baby and a caption in Indonesian language saying, ” Thanks god for saving this baby, a victim of the JT 610 flight covered in life jacket by the baby’s mother. Unfortunately, the mother has not been found until now…” One user named Wina Aulia Rahma shared this post, which was later shared by thousands on Facebook.We found the screenshot of this Facebook post in a public group ‘Forum Anti Fitnah, Hasut, Dan Hoax’. One member of the group Aribowo Sasmito, who claims to be the co-founder of an Indonesia Fact Checker community, Masyarakat Anti Fitnah Indonesia, shared this post claiming it to be a false news. The original post has been deleted by the user but one can find the post through the archive link.India Today Fact Check team found that Sutopo Purwo Nugroho, spokesperson of Indonesian National Board for Disaster Management tweeted this photo calling it a hoax. The tweet said, “A lot of photos being posted on social media that there are baby passengers on plane JT-610. These babies are babies who survived the sinking of the ship KM Sustainable going forward, in the waters of Selayar, on Tuesday 3/7/2018. So the info is a hoax. Don’t spread the hoax. (sic)”Banyak postingan foto di media sosial bahwa ada bayi penumpang pesawat JT-610 yang selamat. Foto bayi ini adalah bayi yang selamat dari tenggelamnya kapal KM Lestari Maju, di Perairan Selayar, pada Selasa 3/7/2018. Jadi info tersebut adalah Hoax. Jangan menyebarkan hoax. pic.twitter.com/SziiS6Uoog Sutopo Purwo Nugroho (@Sutopo_PN) October 30, 2018Claim 2A video being shared on the Facebook page ‘The Owesi Fan Club’ with the claim “These are the few visuals captured of Indonesian aircraft which crashed recently. There were 189 passengers on board, we pray for their souls.”This post has been shared nearly 500 times at the time of filing this report. India Today Fact Check team found that this video is not from Monday’s Lion Air crash.[embedded content]According to the Spokesperson of National Board for Disaster Management (BNPB), this video is not of JT-610 of Lion Air which crashed on Monday but of another Lion Air flight JT-353 which faced air turbulence some time ago.Video ini BUKAN penumpang pesawat Lion Air JT 610. Tetapi ini penumpang pesawat Lion Air JT 353 Padang-Jakarta yang turbulensi dan semua penumpang selamat beberapa waktu yang lalu. Tidak ada video/foto kondisi penumpang sebelum JT 610 jatuh. Jangan ikut menyebarkan hoax. pic.twitter.com/VbGYaBlVop Sutopo Purwo Nugroho (@Sutopo_PN) October 29, 2018India Today Fact Check team found that in the wake of this crash, the Indonesian government is now seriously concerned about the circulation of this kind of misleading posts on social media. BNPB has appealed to the people to be extra cautious about these hoaxes and urged them not to circulate them in the time of national tragedy.READ | Fact Check: Rahul Gandhi goofs up on Panama papers in Madhya Pradesh rallyALSO READ | Fact Check: This video is not Army men overpowering a terrorist but an Army man angry with his wifeIf you have a story that looks suspicious, please share with us at factcheck@intoday.com or send us a message on the WhatsApp number 73 7000 7000
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