Cricket SA hit with R7-million franchise owner’s lawsuit

Now Hiren Bhanu‚ who had owned a piece of the T20GL‚ is looking for justice.

Legal documents seen by TimesLIVE detail Bhanu’s claim of US$515‚627.91‚ which takes into account the fact that he has been refunded his deposit.

Bhanu says he spent US$68‚538.68 on legal bills‚ US$74‚688.83 on “consulting fees”‚ US$81‚247.76 on marketing‚ and US$107‚216.81 on salaries and wages.

His total claim‚ US$515‚627.91‚ equates to R7.3-million — or more than the R7-million the winning team will earn at next Sunday’s MSL final.

Asked for their response‚ CSA said they were unaware of the lawsuit.

“We’re not aware of his decision to sue us‚” a spokesperson said on Saturday. “Once something official comes our way we’ll then be able to make a comment.”

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