Pakistan’s Azhar Ali sees lighter side of brain-fade run-out

Azhar Ali's bizarre run out
The easiest run out in the history of the game

The bizarre run out of Azhar Ali during day three of the second test against Australia has set himself up for a life-time of teasing from his children, the Pakistan batsman joked.

Azhar Ali was run out after thinking the ball had gone for four on day three of the second Test in Abu Dhabi.

Azhar Ali

Pakistan batsman Azhar Ali  was involved in run-out on Day 3 of Pakistan’s second Test match against Australia in a comical way.

Azhar, a 66-Test veteran for Pakistan made a light of the incident. He said, “I am expecting some teasing from my 10-year-old son Ibtisam after the shocking dismissal. He is going to speak about the run out for a long time and in a funny way.”

“Whenever I will say something about cricket he will surely come back to this incident,” Azhar said.


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