Congress Tastes Success in Hindi Heartland

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This has been the battle of ballots. One loses while the other wins.

December 11, 2018 will go down in history as a defining moment for Indian politics. Perseverance pays, arrogance does not.

The 4 year old Modi storm seems to have disappeared. The results brought smiles on Congress’ faces because they were out of power for several years. Rahul Gandhi’s leadership got a boost.  Let voters decide who won – Dassault Rafale or Augusta?

Papu has become param pujya: Raj Thakerey

The Congress banked on the state’s ‘revolving door’ anti-incumbency factor.
The BJP stated that it will break the state’s tradition of having chief ministers of alternate parties for every assembly election since 1993.
But, Congress triumphed. Rest is history.

Rajasthan Elections
Sachin pilot

Madhya Pradesh:
Since 2003 this has been a BJP bastion. Shivraj Singh Chouhan is looking towards a fourth term in the state where his party had more than 15 years back managed to break the stronghold of the Congress which now smells victory.

Here the anti incumbency didn’t work. TRS maintained a steady lead over its rivals in Telangana. “No one knows Telangana like KCR,” says his daughter. It is KCR’s territory, as his party swept the polls handsomely.

Raman Singh’s development agenda was fighting three tenures of voter fatigue. His claims of development politics and the fight against red terror didn’t bear fruit.
Finally, anti incumbency won.

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