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Congress free India Project Tamed, BJP Mukt Bharat Project Begins

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In three Hindi heartland states, power is not simply changing hands, which is a standard democratic practice, but the arrogant project of Congress-free India has been tamed.May be, BJP Mukt Bharat project has begun…

In normal times, events unfolded on December 11 would have been called normal self-correction in a typical democratic set up. A competitive democracy underlines interminable incumbency. Indeed, in presidential systems, there are explicit term limits on executive power. A US President, for instance, can’t be in power for more than two terms. In parliamentary democracy, such as the one in India, there are no such term limits, but if the incumbent is good enough, a party can still hold on to power for more than two terms.

-Delhi from 1952-1971 (Congress),

-West Bengal from 1977 to 2011 (CPM),

-Gujarat from 1998 till now (BJP)


Naveen Patnaik: +15 years

Nitish Kumar: +15 years

Lalu/Rabri Devi: +10 years

Jayalalitha: +10 years

are shining instances.

For Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh to give another-term to the BJP would have been truly unusual.

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