Chhath celebrations

Devotees Relish Chhath Celebrations After its Conclusion

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Patna, Nov 14

As the final ritual of offering ‘arghya’ to the rising Sun today, the 4 -day long Chath festival  came to a close. The devotees can now have the ‘prasad’.

Chath festival comes to a close
The rising Sun
This year it was a festival marked by faith and enthusiasm as never seen before. The sheer size of people’s participation was to be seen to be believed. The Railways ran out of trains to carry people; all the domestic airlines, too, ran out of planes to carry Chath followers to and from Bihar. Neither had enough machines in their inventories to meet such a demand. 
Patna Nov 13

Chhath celebrations

An ocean of mankind slipped on the banks of Ganga, Gandak, Kosi, Baghmati and different streams, rivers, and lakes over the state as lakhs of aficionados offered Araghya (regard) to the setting Sun on the event of heavenly Chhath celebrations today.

Earlier millions of devotees had thronged the river banks across the State to take the holy dip and collected Ganga water with which they had washed wheat to make the Kharna prasad. After Kharna rituals were observed yesterday, today was a day to remember for all the devotees and their near and dear ones.

Today it was the day of the first Arghya, in which the devotees go to the riverbank again to offer prayers to the setting Sun. The second Arghya, the concluding part of the festival, in which devotees offer prayers to the rising Sun, will be observed tomorrow morning.

Chhath celebrations

In Patna, an expected 2.5 million enthusiasts thronged on the 23 km extend on the banks of waterway Ganga to offer Aragya to the setting Sun.

On different rivers spread over the length and broadness of Bihar a huge number of people also offered Aragya to setting Sun with full holiness and devotion on the event of heavenly Chhath celebration.

They offered occasional organic products, including Apple, Sugar Cane, Banana, Coconut and Thekua(a sweet customary arrangement of flour) as “prasad” to the Sun God.

Attired in conventional garments sarees, lady enthusiasts stayed in waist deep water of the river stream and paid regard to God Sun while their relatives, near and dear ones likewise went with them in venerating sun.

In the interim, the official residence of the Chief Minister Nitish Kumar at 7, Circular Road wore a happy look where the Chhath celebration is being commended with full energy.

Chhath celebrations


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