BrewDog unveils world’s first craft-beer airline!


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The chartered Boeing 767 will leave from London Stansted and fly guests to Columbus, Ohio, home to the DogHouse hotel and the company’s flagship US brewery. 

LONDON, Oct 29 — A brewery in Scotland is giving new meaning to the term “beer tasting flight,” with the launch of a craft beer-themed voyage that will take off from London to the US next year.

From the same company that recently opened a beer hotel in Columbus, Ohio, this summer, comes the booze-fueled ”BrewDog Airlines.”

Reserved for the brewery’s investors and shareholders — crowdsourced contributors which BrewDog calls Equity Punks — the chartered Boeing 767 will leave from London Stansted and fly guests to Columbus, Ohio, home to the DogHouse hotel and the company’s flagship US brewery.

In-flight entertainment will include beer tastings, and the premiere of a craft beer specially developed for dulled taste buds at 30,000 feet in the air.

Bar trolleys will, of course, be stocked with BrewDog beers, and the in-flight menu will be designed to be paired with the company’s beverages.

Once they arrive in Columbus, guests will be taken on walking tours of the city’s top bars, restaurants and breweries, including the BrewDog Columbus and The DogHouse Columbus, as well as a day trip to Cincinnati.

Instead of staying at The DogHouse hotel, however, guests may be disappointed to learn that they’ll be put up in a hotel in downtown Columbus — unless they kick in more money to upgrade to the brewery hotel.

The five-day package is sold for £1,250 (RM6,690) or £2,250  for two and is scheduled for February 21-25, 2019.

Ten seats have also been reserved for fans who can win a spot on the flight by leaving a comment on BrewDog’s social media accounts — Facebook, Instagram and Twitter — and tagging a friend they’d like to bring with them.

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