BJP’s popularity diminishing, it will lose at least 100 Lok Sabha seats: Yogendra Yadav

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Swaraj India founder president Yogendra Yadav on Saturday claimed that the BJP’s popularity was diminishing and in the Lok Sabha election its number would reduce by at least 100 seats.

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The psephologist-turned-politician was also critical of the Congress, saying it has not yet woken up from its slumber and it continued to be complacent.Yadav was here to create awareness about public movement ‘ICAN19’ started by his party to back good people from various organisations to contest the coming Lok Sabha polls.

“The popularity of BJP as well as Prime Minister Narendra Modi is diminishing and you need not be a psephologist to predict it. It is quite evident,” Yadav, who rose to fame as a psephologist, told PTI.

Clarifying that he is no longer a psephologist as he has become a politician belonging to a political party Swaraj India, Yadav said the recent assembly elections reflect people’s disenchantment with the BJP and prime minister.

The space for non-BJP formations has increased but the other political parties were not able to use the opportunity, he said.

Yadav called the Congress an “inept party”, citing its show in Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan assembly polls and said it was not ready to grab an opportunity that came into its platter.

Drawing a comparison between the Congress and BJP, Yadav said, “Congress has not woken up from its slumber.It is sleeping, it is complacent.

If they are thinking that this is how they are going to win 2019 election, then they are living in a fool’s paradise. BJP is not complacent. BJP is destructive of this country but it is active.That is the difference.”

Yadav cited the example of the recent Central government’s decision to let 10 agencies to snoop into anybody’s computer to convey that BJP was on a destructive path.

“This regime (Modi government) is very much into the footsteps of Indira Gandhi.If there is one genuine inspiration Modi has, it is Indira Gandhi.This is Emergency Plus …constitutional liberties are under challenge, our secular values are under threat.

This is a big onslaught on the Indian Republic,” Yadav stated.

The Swaraj India founder was also critical about ‘Mahagathbandhan’ (grand alliance).

“We do no see the future of this country with Mahagathbandhan and we do not think the politics of somehow supporting anyone who opposes Modi is the right politics for the country,” Yadav added.

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