BJP draws flak for ‘wrong’ poll analysis

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Hyderabad: The ‘analysis’ put out by BJP IT cell chief Amit Malviya over the vote and seat share of the BJP and the MIM in the recent Telangana Assembly elections is attracting sharp criticism in social media.

Mr Malviya said in a tweet: “In Telangana, AIMIM with just 2.7% vote share won 7 seats but BJP with 7% got just won. Let that sink (sic)”. He sought to project that the BJP had won fewer seats though it had got more votes than the MIM.

The percentage of votes is misleading because it is the votes garnered by a party versus total votes polled in the state. Mr Malviya did not mention the MIM contested only eight seats of the total 119 seats whereas the BJP contested 118 and lost its deposit in more than 100. The MIM lost only one seat.

If Mr Malviya’s analysis were to be correct, the Telugu Desam contested 11 seats, secured 3.5 per cent vote share and won two seats — meaning that it secured more than MIM vote share and half of the BJP vote share. The difference between the TRS and Congress was 18.5 per cent. But the TRS won 88 seats and the Congress 19. The TRS contested all 119 seats and got 46.9 per cent vote share. The Congress contested 100 seats and got 28.4 per cent votes.

The vote share vs seats can be compared when two parties contest the same number of seats. Political analysts said it was wrong to compare votes when the BJP contested 118 seats and the MIM eight.

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