Babus from disadvantaged groups form own association in Telangana

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About 20 IAS officers belonging to the Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes, Backward Classes and Minority communities have decided to form a Telangana Native IAS Officers Association. Peeved by what they believe is a raw deal at the hands of the Telugu Rashtra Samithi (TRS) government in the past 10 months, they decided after a closed door meeting on Monday and Tuesday to withdraw from the Telangana IAS Officers Association – the common forum for all IAS officers, be they direct recruits or others, who are promoted to the IAS at the behest of the state government from among the Group 1 officers.The breakaway group took strong exception to the Telangana IAS Officers Association’s indifference towards them in addressing their grievances and also not giving them a key role in the committees of the Association. They were miffed that the committees were constituted without informing the IAS officials hailing from Telangana. They are sore about grievances like “intentional” transfer of some of them from focal to non – focal postings without any reason was ignored.The failure of the Association to help the aggrieved group even after being briefed about the discrimination was another reason to form their own association, one of the officers in the breakaway group told India Today. “The government has posted six SC, ST, BC and minority IAS officers to insignificant posts in the state secretariat and they are languishing there for the last four years while some forward caste officers were given plum postings,” he said.Only 40 of the 140 IAS officers working in Telangana belong to the state. A senior bureaucrat told India Today that “the perceived discrimination is because the TRS government has for initiating and driving key policies picked those of its choice including some who had retired.” This is to the chagrin of others who were in some cases not given the so – called plum postings in keeping with their seniority.”The formation of a distinct native IAS officers association which could lead to the harmful insider versus outsider paradigm may impact governance adversely,” admitted the senior bureaucrat, hoping influential colleagues in the state administration will work towards “resolving differences in perception.”Also read | Lords of the files
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