Assemblies pledge to support clean cooking initiative

Renewable Energy

By Anthony Apubeo, GNA

Paga (UE), Dec 15, GNA – The Kassena-Nankana Municipal and the Kassena-Nankana West District Assemblies, have pledged to support the promotion of clean cooking.

They would do everything to aid strong advocacy of the use of clean cook stoves in the communities.

They were going to do this by mainstreaming clean cooking issues into their medium term development plans and creation of an enabling environment for producers of improved cook stoves smoothly operate in these areas.

The two assemblies made the promise at a stakeholder sensitization programme organized in Paga in the Kassena-Nankana West District by the Organization for Indigenous Initiatives and Sustainability (ORGIIS-Ghana), an NGO, spearheading clean cooking advocacy.

The advocacy programme is being carried out under the “Voice for Change (V4C) Partnership Programme”.

The goal is educate the people on the importance of using improved cook stoves to promote sustainable healthy living and protection of the environment.

The five-year programme is funded by the Netherlands Development Organization (SNV) and aimed at supporting the government to achieve its renewable energy goals and to deliver the expected outcomes of its climate change policies.

It ties in with the global effort towards tackling climate change through reduction in household air pollution.

Mr Tarihu M Salifu, the Development Planning Officer of the Kassena-Nankana West, said the assembly had take steps to deal with the issues of climate in its medium term development plan.

They were eager to create the right environment for civil society organizations including ORGIIS to operate smoothly to transform the lives of the people.

His counterpart in the Kasssena-Nankana Municipality, Mr Alhassan Abdul-Baty, said health, energy and gender, were critical issues captured in the municipal assembly’s medium term development plan.

They were going to embark on intensive public education campaign to help the people to appreciate the significant benefits of improved cook stoves.

Mr Julius Awaregye, the Executive Director of ORGIIS, said the objective was to get everybody to shift from the traditional ways of cooking to more efficient, cost effective and clean cooking.

The use of improved cook stoves would produce less or no smoke, at all, consume less charcoal, fuel, wood or biomass and relief the people of the burden of travelling to far places to look for firewood.

He therefore called on the various assemblies to make budgetary allocations to support clean cooking initiatives.


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