Air India Chief Exhorts Employees to “Work as a Team”

Air India
More and more pilots are leaving Air India while its new Chief Ashwani Lohani appears to have little choice.

Rest of the country wonders why this has happened to the National carrier. It could not achieve in 50 years what Indigo achieved in 10 years.   (See Indigo)
Today, the world sees a situation where the Air India Chief is coming up with mundane explanations. This tells the entire story. 

Ground Reality

AI Chief comes up with such excuses as –

Employees React

More than 1 year time has passed since Delhi High Court’s order. 
Air India’s problems are major but not insurmountable
come out with a non-discriminatory policy or grant us the  NOC (to leave the airline)
AI management has failed to stick to the court’s deadline
financial position is ‘precarious’
It will remain so.
In June 2015, commanders of the erstwhile Indian Airlines had written a letter warning of a huge exodus unless issues like pay parity and restoration of 25 per cent pay cut were restored.
25% pay cut bothers me and should therefore be released
Already the deadline set by the Court has passed.
Migration of AI pilots to greener pastures continues unabated.
AI is saddled with a debt of Rs 40,000 crore for aircraft purchase and working capital apart from having accumulated losses of Rs 30,000 crore
What’s our fault? It shows incompetency of the so called Management Team.
Exodus of the pilots, is starting to cripple the airline
We have started taking all steps to enhance revenue; amount due would be released in fair installments as soon as the financial position permits
That will never happen. Given the debt+Interest burden. We’ll retire, you will retire, today’s junior-most employee of the company will also retire till then;  our lives’ precious years will go down the drain. What arrears have you paid to recently retired staff ? Will they ever get their due ??
An Affidavit was submitted by the Air India management, to bring about pay parity for the same work.
I exhort employees to “work as a team” and “regain the lost glory of the company.”
A Team works well only when there is a semblance of no-discrimination, no partiality, and when austerity is applied equally to all.  
Today’s Result – spate of resignations from pilots.
Don’t go, I would like to assure you of the management’s sincerity.

You cut a sorry figure.

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