737 MAX airplanes

Caribbean Airlines Adding New Fleet of Boeing 737 MAX Airplanes


Caribbean Airlines, leading carrier of the region, has ordered 12 new 737 MAX airplanes.

It is getting ready to step up the quality and quantity of its services. It will strengthen its single-aisle fleet with the Boeing 737 MAX 8. The airline has seen growth in its performance over the past year, reporting a 15% jump in recent earnings.

In a statement, the company said that it has long long operated the Next-Generation 737 aircraft, but has now ordered 12 of the new 737 MAX airplanes in the coming years.

Caribbean Airlines Chairman, S. Ronnie Mohammed told a recent gathering in Trinidad and Tobago that next year, the airline will place even greater focus on enhancing regional connectivity with more options to make the region more easily and affordably accessible.737 MAX airplanes

It is expected by the fourth quarter of 2019, the airline will begin taking delivery of the new fleet.

In addition to opening new markets, Caribbean Airlines said the new airplanes will provide significant advantages on operating cost, specifically fuel and maintenance.

The 737 MAX airplanes – which is part of a fuel-efficient family of airplanes – will seat up to 160 passengers in Caribbean Airlines’ three-class configuration.

The new planes will go into operation in the first quarter of next year. The airline currently operates several daily flights from Georgetown with connections to regional and international destinations through Trinidad and Tobago. Guyana is one of the airline’s biggest markets.

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