December 17

17th December: The Unforgettable Day in Aviation


December 17 is the day to remember one fundamental historical event in Aviation.

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The inventors of the Aircraft did not attend any school. In fact, there could not have been any institution which could have taught them aerodynamics at that time. When their teachers could not satisfy their queries on fundamentals of flying, the would-be inventors of the aircraft decided to leave their school and pursue to fulfill their resolve which they had undertaken. Earlier, their dear friend had ended his life by jumping from a cliff while attempting to fly like a bird by attaching synthetic wings on his body. Had he not done so, had the Wright brothers not vowed that the death of their dear friend would not go waste, the present day aviation could not have become what it is today.

That resolve – today cast in stone forever – forms the basis of Man’s tryst with aviation.

The story does not end here.

The inventors of the aircraft had never visualised that the airplane would be used as a bomber. But, the world did see a war (1914-18).

Again, the story does not end here. Around 1939 the Jet engine was invented in Germany. The rulers of Germany used this know-how and were able to capture most part of Europe initially because the Jet engined airplane was far quicker than the piston engined airplanes. That formed the basis of World War II (1939-45).

Amid such violence, the airplane technology evolved. Initially, it was primarily meant for military applications, but later civil airplanes also incorporated those features. As the years passed, every aspect of civil aviation – engine, airframe, communication, navigation, instrumentation – benefited from military aviation technically. This harsh fact is undeniable.

Today, we have the best airplanes – civil as well as military. You can travel around the globe in just a few hours. Distances have shrunk. Even the Moon, Mars and the Sun have come closer.

There are a number of manufacturers and airlines spread everywhere in the world. Each contributing value addition to the system in one form or the other.

Besides, there are numerous aviation entities in the world. Every government in the world has Laws on aviation. Every country has a dedicated ministry for aviation. Millions of people are employed. Every person has now an opportunity to pursue aviation as an academic subject.

The foregoing discussion emphasizes the point that whatever Man has achieved today in aviation, is only and only because of the resolution that the Wright brothers took at the funeral of their friend in 1899. They had vowed,”We will not let your death go waste, dear friend.” Had they not done so, this post today could never have come to be written.

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